Options.DisableFeaturesIntroducedAfterbyDefault property (Word)

Disables all features introduced after a the specified version for all documents. Read/write WdDisableFeaturesIntroducedAfter.


expression. DisableFeaturesIntroducedAfterbyDefault

expression Required. A variable that represents an Options object.


The DisableFeaturesByDefault property must be set to True prior to setting the DisableFeaturesIntroducedAfterByDefault property. Otherwise, the setting will not take effect and will remain at its default setting of Word 97 for Windows.

The DisableFeaturesIntroducedAfterByDefault property sets a global option for the application and affects all documents. If you want to disable features introduced after a specified version for a document only, use the DisableFeaturesIntroducedAfter property.


This example disables all features introduced after Word for Windows 95, versions 7.0 and 7.0a, for all documents.

Sub FeaturesDisableByDefault() 
 With Application.Options 
 'Checks whether features are disabled 
 If .DisableFeaturesbyDefault = True Then 
 'If they are, disables all features after Word for Windows 95 
 .DisableFeaturesIntroducedAfterbyDefault = wd70 
 'If not, turns on the disable features option and disables 
 'all features introduced after Word for Windows 95 
 .DisableFeaturesbyDefault = True 
 .DisableFeaturesIntroducedAfterbyDefault = wd70 
 End If 
 End With 
End Sub

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