Shapes.AddCurve method (Word)

Returns a Shape object that represents a Bézier curve in a drawing canvas.


expression.AddCurve (SafeArrayOfPoints)

expression Required. A variable that represents a Shapes object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
SafeArrayOfPoints Required Variant An array of coordinate pairs that specifies the vertices and control points of the curve. The first point you specify is the starting vertex, and the next two points are control points for the first Bézier segment. Then, for each additional segment of the curve, you specify a vertex and two control points. The last point you specify is the ending vertex for the curve. Note that you must always specify 3n + 1 points, where n is the number of segments in the curve.

Return value



This example adds a Bézier curve to a new drawing canvas.

Sub CanvasBezier() 
 Dim docNew As Document 
 Dim shpCanvas As Shape 
 Dim sngArray(1 To 7, 1 To 2) As Single 
 Set docNew = Documents.Add 
 'Create a new drawing canvas 
 Set shpCanvas = docNew.Shapes.AddCanvas(Left:=100, _ 
 Top:=100, Width:=300, Height:=50) 
 sngArray(1, 1) = 0 
 sngArray(1, 2) = 0 
 sngArray(2, 1) = 50 
 sngArray(2, 2) = 50 
 sngArray(3, 1) = 100 
 sngArray(3, 2) = 0 
 sngArray(4, 1) = 150 
 sngArray(4, 2) = 50 
 sngArray(5, 1) = 200 
 sngArray(5, 2) = 0 
 sngArray(6, 1) = 250 
 sngArray(6, 2) = 50 
 sngArray(7, 1) = 300 
 sngArray(7, 2) = 0 
 'Add Bezier curve to drawing canvas 
 shpCanvas.CanvasItems.AddCurve _ 
End Sub

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