WdCaptionNumberStyle enumeration (Word)

Specifies the number style to be used with the CaptionLabel object.

Name Value Description
wdCaptionNumberStyleArabic 0 Arabic style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleArabicFullWidth 14 Full-width Arabic style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleArabicLetter1 46 Arabic letter style 1.
wdCaptionNumberStyleArabicLetter2 48 Arabic letter style 2.
wdCaptionNumberStyleChosung 25 Chosung style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleGanada 24 Ganada style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHanjaRead 41 Hanja read style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHanjaReadDigit 42 Hanja read digit style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHebrewLetter1 45 Hebrew letter style 1.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHebrewLetter2 47 Hebrew letter style 2.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHindiArabic 51 Hindi Arabic style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHindiCardinalText 52 Hindi cardinal style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHindiLetter1 49 Hindi letter style 1.
wdCaptionNumberStyleHindiLetter2 50 Hindi letter style 2.
wdCaptionNumberStyleKanji 10 Kanji style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleKanjiDigit 11 Kanji digit style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleKanjiTraditional 16 Kanji traditional style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleLowercaseLetter 4 Lowercase letter style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleLowercaseRoman 2 Lowercase roman style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleNumberInCircle 18 Number in circle style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleSimpChinNum2 38 Simplified Chinese number style 2.
wdCaptionNumberStyleSimpChinNum3 39 Simplified Chinese number style 3.
wdCaptionNumberStyleThaiArabic 54 Thai Arabic style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleThaiCardinalText 55 Thai cardinal text style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleThaiLetter 53 Thai letter style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleTradChinNum2 34 Traditional Chinese number style 2.
wdCaptionNumberStyleTradChinNum3 35 Traditional Chinese number style 3.
wdCaptionNumberStyleUppercaseLetter 3 Uppercase letter style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleUppercaseRoman 1 Uppercase roman style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleVietCardinalText 56 Vietnamese cardinal text style.
wdCaptionNumberStyleZodiac1 30 Zodiac style 1.
wdCaptionNumberStyleZodiac2 31 Zodiac style 2.

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