WdGoToItem enumeration (Word)

Specifies the type of item to move the insertion point or selection just prior to.

Name Value Description
wdGoToBookmark -1 A bookmark.
wdGoToComment 6 A comment.
wdGoToEndnote 5 An endnote.
wdGoToEquation 10 An equation.
wdGoToField 7 A field.
wdGoToFootnote 4 A footnote.
wdGoToGrammaticalError 14 A grammatical error.
wdGoToGraphic 8 A graphic.
wdGoToHeading 11 A heading.
wdGoToLine 3 A line.
wdGoToObject 9 An object.
wdGoToPage 1 A page.
wdGoToPercent 12 A percent.
wdGoToProofreadingError 15 A proofreading error.
wdGoToSection 0 A section.
wdGoToSpellingError 13 A spelling error.
wdGoToTable 2 A table.

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