Error function

Returns the error message that corresponds to a given error number.


Error [ (errornumber) ]

The optional errornumber argument can be any valid error number. If errornumber is a valid error number, but is not defined, Error returns the string "Application-defined or object-defined error."

If errornumber is not valid, an error occurs. If errornumber is omitted, the message corresponding to the most recent run-time error is returned. If no run-time error has occurred, or errornumber is 0, Error returns a zero-length string ("").


Examine the property settings of the Err object to identify the most recent run-time error. The return value of the Error function corresponds to the Description property of the Err object.


This example uses the Error function to print error messages that correspond to the specified error numbers.

Private Sub PrintError()
    Dim ErrorNumber As Long, count As Long
    count = 1: ErrorNumber = 1
    On Error GoTo EOSb
    Do While count < 100
        Do While Error(ErrorNumber) = "Application-defined or object-defined error": ErrorNumber = ErrorNumber + 1: Loop
        Debug.Print count & "-Error(" & ErrorNumber & "): " & Error(ErrorNumber)
        ErrorNumber = ErrorNumber + 1
        count = count + 1
EOSb: Debug.Print ErrorNumber
End Sub

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