Margin Indicators

Visual Basic contains margin indicators that provide visual cues to certain actions during the editing of your code. If more than one action occurs on a line, the appropriate indicators also appear.

The margin indicators appear in the Margin Indicator bar on left side of the Code window.

You can turn the Margin Indicator Bar on and off in the Editor Format tab of the Options dialog box.

|Margin Indicator|Margin Indicator Name|Description| |:-----|:-----|:-----| | Breakpoint

|Breakpoint|Indicates that you have set a breakpoint using the Toggle Breakpoint command on the Debug menu. You can toggle the breakpoint by placing your mouse pointer in the margin indicator region and clicking.| | Current line of execution

|Current line of execution|Indicates the line of code that will be executed next. You can drag this margin indicator to a new location within any running code module. If you drag the Current line of execution margin indicator to any non-valid region or line, nothing happens and the indicator returns to the original location.| | Bookmark

|Bookmark|Indicates the location of a bookmark set using the Toggle Bookmark command on the Edit menu.| | Call stack marker

|Call Stack Marker|Indicates lines that are currently in the call stack. The Call Stack Marker indicator appears only in break mode.|

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