Videos for getting started with protecting your email

The following series of introductory videos will help you use Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to protect your mailboxes. These videos are applicable for EOP standalone customers who are protecting on-premises mailboxes such as Exchange Server 2013, and for Exchange Online customers whose cloud-hosted mailboxes by default are protected by EOP.

The following three videos are about tailoring your anti-spam settings to fit the needs of your organization. For inbound mail traveling through the service to your organization, this includes creating safe sender and blocked sender lists based on IP addresses, and configuring content filter settings. There's also a video showing how admins can find and release content-filtered spam messages or messages that matched a transport rule that were sent to the quarantine, and also how to report spam messages to help us improve the service.

You'll also want to configure the outbound spam policy because you'll want to monitor if spam is being sent from your organization. Check out the outbound spam video to learn how.

There are also settings for how to handle malware that's detected by the service, which the anti-malware filtering video describes.

To filter and route messages based on specific conditions you set, based on company policy or regulations, you'll want to watch the video about how to create transport rules.