Manage messages in Message center

Message center posts are important announcements about new and changed features. This article provides more information about the things you can do with messages to help with change management in your organization.

Read a message

Click on a message to open it in the reading pane. You'll see the expiration date for the message, which is the date when the message will automatically be removed from the active message view. Every message contains a summary of the change, a statement of how the change may affect you, and information about how you can prepare your organization for the change. And, we always provide an additional information link where you can learn more. The additional information continues to be available, even after a message expires.

Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate between messages.

Example message with expiration date

Filter and sort

Use the Views drop-down menu to select a filtered view of messages.

Message Center views menu with filters

You can click on any column heading to sort messages in ascending or descending order. For example, in this diagram the messages are sorted on the Act by date.

Message center sorted by Act by column

Give feedback on a post

In the Message center, you can select a message to see details. If you want to provide feedback on the message, click either the Like or Dislike icon and provide feedback in the text box that appears. Do not provide any personal information. You can optionally choose It's OK to contact me about this feedback and then choose Send. Provide feedback on a message center post.

Share a message

See a message that someone else needs to act on? You can share the contents of the message with any user by email:

  1. Click on the message to open it.

  2. Select More > Share.

  3. Allow the webpage to open Outlook or another email client on your computer.

  4. Address the email to the desired recipient, add any additional information about how they should act on the message, and send.

Updated: Share a Message - General Release has started

New! An updated sharing experience for message center posts is in the process of being released to all customers. This update will gradually release world-wide and will soon be the default experience for everyone.

  1. Click on the message to open it.

  2. Select Share from the action bar.
    Message center post action bar

  3. Enter up to two email addresses to share the message with. You can send to individual and to group email addresses. If you'd like to also receive a copy of the message in email, select I would also like to receive this email. The message will go to your primary email address in Office 365. If you'd like to add a personal message to provide recipients with more context, select I would like to add a personal message and enter your text.
    Message sharing screen

  4. Click on Share to send the email.

Need to follow up with another admin to make sure they're aware of a change and taking action? You can generate a link to share in email or instant messaging, for example, that will connect the user directly to that message. The person you share the link with has to be an admin in Office 365 for your organization or they won't have access to the linked message.

  1. Click on the message to open it.

  2. Select More > Get a link.

  3. Allow the webpage to access your Clipboard. A direct link is copied to your clipboard.

  4. Use CTRL+V or right-click and select Paste to insert the link.

Read and unread states

Any message in Message center that is unread will appear in bold. Opening a message marks it as read. If you want to mark a message as unread:

  1. Click on the message to open it.

  2. Select More > Mark as unread.

  3. Close the message.

Dismiss and restore

If you see a message that doesn't pertain to you, or maybe you've already acted on it, you can dismiss the message to remove it from the Message center view. The view that you see in Message center is specific to your user account, so dismissing it from your view doesn't affect other admins. There are two ways to dismiss a message:

  • Click on the X that appears to the right of the Message ID. The message is removed from your list. Or,

  • Open the message, then click the Dismiss button at the top of the text.

Need to get a dismissed message back? No problem.

  1. Select the Dismissed messages filter from the Views drop-down menu. A list of dismissed messages appears.

  2. Click the restore icon Refresh icon to the right of the Message ID, and the message is restored to active messages.

For an overview of Message center, see Message center in Office 365. Or, to learn how to set your language preferences to enable machine translation for Message center posts, see Language translation for Message center posts. If you'd like to program an alternative way to get real-time service health information and Message Center communications, please reference Office 365 Service Communications API Overview.