Cortana in Office 365

Cortana is a cloud-based digital assistant and Microsoft 365 and Office 365 service that works across your devices and Microsoft services. Cortana can use information stored in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 to help people in your organization stay up to date and get insights, suggested tasks, and help with their meetings, documents, and contacts.

Info for admins

Compliance is a commitment that Microsoft makes to enterprise customers. Learn more about the Microsoft compliance framework.

Consistent with other Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services, compliant Cortana features are protected and secured subject to the Online Service Terms that includes a set of promises involving protection of user data against accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, or unlawful destruction. All other Cortana features (i.e., Cortana optional connected services) are subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement and Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Cortana services are broken into two data categories, compliant and optional connected services, which you can control.

Turn off Cortana optional connected services

Cortana optional connected services can be turned off for employees at your organization. This will disable Cortana optional connected services in Cortana on Windows and the Cortana mobile app. This includes Cortana reminders, lists, tasks, and other features. Services in the compliant category (i.e., Cortana OST experiences), such as Cortana’s Briefing email, and Play My Emails in Outlook mobile, will remain active.

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, select Settings > Settings and select Cortana.

  2. Select the checkbox for Allow Cortana optional connected experiences to use your organizations's Microsoft hosted data to enable or disable Cortana connected experiences.

  3. Select Save changes.

Turn off Cortana OST experiences

Your organization's employees can opt out of Cortana OST experiences individually by following the steps below.

  1. Open Outlook mobile.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Select Play My Emails.

  4. Move the toggle to off on the accounts you want to disable.

Briefing email

Disabling Cortana on the taskbar won't disable Cortana’s Briefing email. Employees must unsubscribe individually. Individuals from your organization can opt out of Cortana’s Briefing email by selecting Unsubscribe in the footer of the message.