Customize your team site for file storage and sharing

If you have a small business with a few employees, one of the best ways to set up and facilitate file sharing and online collaboration is to use OneDrive for Business and a SharePoint team site together. Office 365 subscriptions come with a classic team site. We recommend leaving it alone and creating a new team site that's connected to an Office 365 group. If you want to use chat, you can create this site by creating a team in Microsoft Teams. For more info about Teams, see Video: What is Microsoft Teams?. If you don't want to use Teams, you can create a team site from the SharePoint start page.

What is a SharePoint team site?

Create a team site in SharePoint Online

Here are some ideas and links to help you customize, organize, and manage your team site.

Add, delete, and work with document libraries

A team site includes a Documents library that you can start using immediately. If you outgrow the default Documents library, or want to organize by project, client, or subject, add more libraries to your team site. Think about how you want to group files on your team site and what you want to name the libraries so the files are easy to find.

For more info on creating libraries, see Create a document library in SharePoint.

Learn how to edit, delete, check out files, and more. For more info, see Work with files in a document library .

For info on creating views of libraries to surface specific data, see Create a custom view of a document library.

Add, delete, and work with lists to organize data

SharePoint includes many templates for lists that you can add to your site, such as a list of links, a calendar, contacts, or tasks.

Learn how to Create a list in SharePoint.

To remove a unneeded list or restore a deleted list, see Delete a list in SharePoint.

For info on expanding your lists with more columns, see Create a column in a SharePoint list or library.

To display specific data in a list, see Create and edit public views of a list or library .

If you're storing a lot of data, see how to manage limits with Manage large lists and libraries in SharePoint.

View a video on adding calendars to your site, see Create a shared calendar in Office 365.

Customize the start page on your team site

To give more visibility to data on a team site, you can customize the SharePoint start page to help you and your employees get to the information you need quickly. For example, you might have a links to employee OneDrive for Business folders, and links to Documents, Contacts, Tasks, Calendars, and a OneNote notebook where you store meeting agendas and notes.

For info on customizing the look and feel of your start page, see Change the look of your SharePoint site.

Improve navigation on your site with Customize the navigation on your SharePoint site.

To add or update links to important pages on you start page, see Change the Links list on the SharePoint Online start page.

To add an image to a team site start page, see Add a picture or image file to a SharePoint page.

You can see how to add pages to your site with Add a page to a site.

To learn about team site settings, see Manage your SharePoint team site settings.

Create additional sites to organize and manage different clients

Your team site shares almost everything with all members of the group associated with the site. If you want to have a separate site for specific customers, you can create additional team sites, and manage them using SharePoint hub sites. Here's more information.

Create additional team sites as needed. For more info see Create a team site in SharePoint Online.

Need to limit who can create new sites, see Manage site creation in SharePoint Online.

Hub sites let you add and associate sites. For more info see What is a SharePoint hub site?.

Ready to build a hub site, see Create a hub site in SharePoint Online.

To learn how to add sites to a hub site, see Associate a SharePoint site with a hub site.

Sharing files with the team

While storage and organizing is a start, sharing with your team and external clients is also important. Here are some links to topics that will help you manage users and share your data.

For file sharing with your team, see Share SharePoint files or folders in Office 365.

To understand sharing outside your team, see Manage external sharing for your SharePoint Online environment .

For best practices and tips with external users, see Manage sharing with external users in Office 365 Small Business.

Learn about assigning permissions for sites, lists, libraries, and items in Understanding permission levels in SharePoint.

Managing users and groups

As you manage your team site, you may have to add or remove users. Here's information to help you understand, add, and manage users on your team site.

View a video on groups with Understand and manage groups.

To add users to an Office 365 group, see Add users individually or in bulk to Office 365 - Admin Help.

Learn how to handle access requests with Set up and manage access requests .

To change and assign user permissions, see Customize SharePoint site permissions.

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