Sign up for an Office 365 trial subscription

You can sign up for a trial Office 365 business subscription for free. You can try it out for 30 days.

Sign up for an Office 365 Business Premium trial subscription

Check out the video below or follow the steps to complete your trial signup.

  1. To sign up for an Office 365 business trial subscription, go to the Office Products site.

  2. Select the plan you want to sign up for, such as Office 365 Business Premium, scroll down the page, and select Try for free.

  3. On the Welcome... page, enter your business information.

  4. On the Create your user ID page, choose your username and password and select Create my account.

  5. Enter your phone number, and select Text me to get a confirmation code. Enter the code and select Next.

  6. The signup process may take several minutes to complete. Once it's complete, select You're ready to go.

You'll get an email with details on how to start using your subscription.