Upgrade to a different plan

When your business changes, or you need more features, you can upgrade plans. The easiest way to do this is to use the Upgrade tab in the admin center. However, using the Upgrade tab isn't supported in all situations. In some cases, you might be able to change plans manually.


This article applies to the new admin center. The new admin center is available to all Microsoft 365 admins, and you can opt in by selecting the Try the new admin center toggle located at the top of the Home page. For more information, see About the new Microsoft 365 admin center. To view the article about the old admin center, see Switch to a different Office 365 for business plan.

Use the Upgrade tab

When you use the Upgrade tab, you're led through the process of buying a new plan. All users are automatically assigned licenses in the new plan, and your old plan is canceled for you.

  1. In the Admin center, go to the Billing > Products & services page.

  2. Select the subscription that you want to upgrade.

  3. On the subscription details page, select Upgrade.

  4. Find the plan to which you want to upgrade, then select the Upgrade button.

  5. Enter the number of licenses that you need, choose whether to pay each month or for the whole year, then select Checkout.


    Make sure you buy enough licenses to cover all your users.

  6. On the next page, verify the Sold to address, the Billed to information, and Items in this order. You can change the default payment method at this step. If you need to make any changes, select Change next to the applicable section.

  7. When you're finished, select Accept agreement & place order.

When you finish checkout, it might take a few minutes to finalize the upgrade. You can start using your new subscription right away. Select Check upgrade status to check the progress of the upgrade. You'll be notified when the upgrade is complete. The notification is displayed on the Products & services page, next to your new subscription.

The Upgrade tab is empty

If the Upgrade tab is empty, you'll see an explanation of why you can't upgrade at this time. You can try to change plans manually or call support. For more information, see Why can't I switch Office 365 for business plans?.

I don't see the plan I want

When you use the Upgrade tab, the plans that you can upgrade to are displayed based on the services in your current plan. You can only use the Upgrade tab to move to a plan that has the same data-related services, or to a higher version. This ensures that users don't lose data related to those services during the change.

If you want to move to a plan with fewer services, you can change plans manually, or call support for help.

Why some changes take longer

Number of assigned users: If you have a large number of assigned users, it will take longer to do the upgrade to move them to the new plan.

Credit checks when changing plans: If you pay by invoice, or reach a certain level of cost, a credit check might be required. A credit check can take up to two business days. Users will have full access to their current plan until you move them to the new one. You'll receive a notification if a credit check is required.

Call support to help you change plans

Call Microsoft support