View your bill or invoice

This article is for people who have an Office 365 for business subscription. You must be a Global Admin or Billing Admin to do the steps described in this article.

If you need help interpreting the charges you see on your bill, see Understand your invoice for a detailed walkthrough.

Not an admin? Contact your IT administrator for help.

Have a problem with your bill? Contact support for business products.

View my bill or invoice

  1. In the Admin Center, go to the Bills page, or choose Billing > Bills.

    If you're using Office 365 Germany, go to this Bills page.

  2. Choose the month and date of the invoice you want, and then choose View.

    Screen shot of the Bills page in the Office 365 Admin Center.

  3. Choose an order, and then choose View Details.

  4. On the Bill Details page, you can see the following:

  • The total balance, the current amount due, the payment due date, the amount of the last payment, and the date it was received.

  • Payment instructions.

  • A record of past payment dates, and the amounts paid.

  • The order creation date, and the order number.

  1. To view the invoice for a specific month, choose a month and a year, then choose Show.

    Screen shot of the Invoice section of the Bill Details page in the Office 365 Admin Center.

  2. To print or save a PDF copy of the invoice, choose View invoice (.pdf).

Stop receiving a copy of my billing statement in email

By default, you will receive a copy of your billing statement as an email attachment. You can choose to stop receiving a copy by email.

  1. In the Admin Center, go to the Billing notifications page, or choose Billing > Billing notifications.

    If you're using Office 365 Germany, go to this Billing notifications page.

  2. Under Receive billing statement as email attachment?, switch the toggle to Off.

    You can resume receiving the billing statement emails at any time by switching the toggle to On.

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