Troubleshooting distribution list issues

This topic discusses how to solve distribution list issues that you may run into when using Office 365.

Emails not being delivered to distribution list

There could be a couple of issues here:

  • It usually takes about 60 minutes for distribution list to be fully created and ready for management. Make sure you've waited the appropriate amount of time and try sending the email again.

  • Sometimes, people create an Office 365 Group instead of a distribution list. Check out your distribution list in the admin center and make sure you created a distribution list.

External members not getting emails sent to distribution list

There could be a couple of issues here:

  • Make sure you've allowed people outside your organization to send emails to the distribution. From the admin center, find the distribution list that you want to allow external people on and turn the toggle to On.

    Allow external members to send to a dl

  • External members don't receive email messages that are sent to a distribution list they're a member of, and the senders don't receive non-delivery message about the email. Read External members don't receive email... for steps on how to fix this issue.

I'm an admin and I can't edit a distribution list in the admin center

Make sure you have an Office 365 license. You need an Office 365 for business license before you can edit distribution lists in the admin center. Read Assign licenses to users in Office 365 for business for the steps.