Troubleshoot: Remove an alias from a group

Did you get this error when you were creating a new user? "This email address is already being used as an alias for the group <group name>." This article will show you how to remove the email alias from the group.


It is unusual for a group to have an alias because it has to be added using Exchange Online PowerShell. You'll have to remove it using Exchange Online PowerShell.

If you're new to PowerShell, you can do this! The Exchange Online PowerShell commands used in this article will only remove an alias from an Office 365 group.

Remove the email alias from the group using Exchange Online PowerShell

Before you can do this procedure, you need the following:

  1. In Exchange Online PowerShell, replace the group name and email address with your values, and run the following command:

    Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "Group name" -EmailAddresses @{remove=""}
  2. It may take a few minutes, but when the command has completed, the command prompt will return. You'll only get a message if there was an error.

  3. Close the connection to Exchange Online PowerShell by running the following command:

    Remove-PSSession $Session