Try or buy a Microsoft 365 subscription

Microsoft 365 is a complete solution that combines Office 365 and Windows 10 with advanced security and device management. If you already have a subscription and you want to trial or buy a Microsoft 365 subscription, the best way to do it is through the admin center. The following Microsoft 365 subscriptions are available in the admin center for you to try or buy now:

  • Microsoft 365 Business

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5

When you add a subscription through the admin center, the new subscription is associated with the same organization (domain namespace) as your existing subscription. This makes it easier to move users in your organization between subscriptions, or to assign them a license for the additional subscription they need.

Try or buy a Microsoft 365 subscription

  1. Sign in to the admin center at, and then go to Billing > Purchase services.

  2. On the Purchase services page, the subscriptions that are available to your organization are listed. Choose the Microsoft 365 plan that you want to try or buy.

  3. On the next page, choose Get free trial, which gives you 25 user licenses for a one-month term, or you can Buy.


    If you start a free trial, skip to step 8.

  4. If you buy, enter the number of user licenses you need and choose whether to pay each month or for the whole year, then choose Check out now.

  5. Your cart opens. Review the pricing information and choose Next.

  6. Provide your payment information, then choose Place order.

  7. On the confirmation page, choose Go to admin home. You're all set!

  8. Choose to receive a text or a call, enter your phone number, then choose Text me or Call me.

  9. Enter the verification code, then choose Start your free trial.

  10. On the Check out page, choose Try now.

  11. On the order receipt page, choose continue.

Not using preview yet?

If you have preview turned off, watch the following video to sign up for a trial Microsoft 365 subscription.

Next steps

After you get the new subscription, you have to assign a license to the users who will use that subscription. To learn how, see Assign licenses to users in Office 365 for business.