Copy a Playlist

Quite often, organizations need to modify a Microsoft-supplied playlist by removing or replacing an asset with an asset created by the organization. For example, you might want to remove a step from the Start with Six Simple Steps playlist. Now you can use the learning pathways Copy Playlist feature to easily copy the Six Simple Steps playlist and simply remove an asset, replace an asset, or add new assets.

To copy a playlist

  1. From the Microsoft 365 learning pathways Home page, click Office 365 training.
  2. Click the Administration icon.
  3. Under First Days, click the Six Simple Steps - Welcome to Office 365 playlist, and then click Copy Playlist.
  4. Click Edit Detail, and then fill in the Title and Description fields as shown in the following example, then click Save Detail.


Add or remove assets from a playlist

With custom playlists, you can:

  • add and remove Microsoft assets, but not edit the assets from Microsoft
  • add, remove, and edit custom existing SharePoint assets from your organization or SharePoint assets that you create.

Remove an asset from a playlist

  • Scroll down the Administration page, and then under Playlist Assets click the delete icon for Step 5. Set up mobile apps.

Verify the asset is removed from the playlist

  1. Return to the tab with the Microsoft 365 training page.
  2. Click First Days, then click the Five Simple Steps - Welcome to Office 365 playlist.
  3. Click through the playlist to verify that the asset has been removed.