Hide and show Technology

In some cases, you’ll want to hide content for a technology that’s not supported in your organization. The Hide Technology feature is designed to prevent technology from appearing throughout the Web part. It offers a broader way to hide and show content than hiding it by subcategory or playlist. For example, you can hide a Yammer subcategory, but Yammer may still show up in certain scenario playlists such as "Connect your organization with Yammer". To ensure content for a specific technology is not exposed to end users, hide it by Technology.

Hide a Technology

  1. From the Microsoft 365 learning pathways Home page, click the Recommended playlists tile.
  2. From the Custom Learning Web part, select the Aministration icon.
  3. In the dropdown list box in the upper-right section of the Administration page, select Technology. For this example, click Yammer in the left pane of the page, then click the eyeball next to Yammer.

Sample window shows a technology category marked with the icon to hid it.

Verify the playlist is hidden

  • To verify Yammer technology is hidden, select the browser tab with the Recommended playlists page loaded, and then refresh the page. You'll notice that the Connect your organization with Yammer playlist is hidden.

Sample window shows that the hidden technology is no longer listed.

Unhide a Technology

  • From the Administration page, select a technology, then select the eyeball for the hidden technology to unhide it. For this example, unhide the Yammer technology.