Customize the learning experience

Introducing Microsoft 365 learning pathways, a new solution from Microsoft designed to speed the usage and adoption of Office 365 within an organization. With learning pathwyas, you can:

  • Tailor Microsoft 365 learning and adoption content for your environment
  • Hide or show content to reflect the services or features supported in your organization
  • Keep your content and users current with an up-to-date feed of learning content from Microsoft
  • Build custom playlists and categories crafted specifically for your user's needs


How does learning pathways work?

learning pathways for Office 365 (learning pathways for short) consists of three parts:

  1. a live feed of content from a Microsoft online catalog
  2. a SharePoint communication site
  3. a SharePoint web part


Requirements and Permissions

Before getting started with this guide, ensure that learning pathways has been set up by your SharePoint Tenant Administrator. If you’re not sure if it's been set up, contact your SharePoint tenant administrator to verify that learning pathways has been provisioned. Also be sure to get the URL of the learning pathways SharePoint site. If you are the Tenant Administrator and learning pathways has not been provisioned, see Provision learning pathways.

Permissions to provision learning pathways

  • Tenant Administrator, also known as Office 365 Global Administrator
  • SharePoint Site Collection Administrator with Owner permissions on the site

Permissions to use learning pathways Administration features

  • Site Collection Administrator
  • SharePoint Owner or Member permissions

Permissions to use the learning pathways site as a user

  • Office 365 user permissions/SharePoint Site Visitor permissions or higher

Get started with customization

Once you've ensured you have the necessary permissions to customize the site and web part, it's time to get started with the customization process.