Kaizala Actions

Actions help people get work done through a conversation in Kaizala. Some actions, like Jobs, Surveys and Polls, are ready out-of-the-box with pre-defined settings. Once you publish an action, people can find it in the Kaizala app and use it in a conversation from the Action Palette.

You can design a custom Kaizala Action through the Action Designer, found in the Kaizala management portal.

Create Kaizala Action

  1. To create a new Kaizala Action, navigate to Actions from the left navigation bar. Select New Action from the top right of the page.

  2. Select a template:

    a. New Form - Use this template to collect feedback from group members. It sends out a form for people to answer a question.

    b. New Survey - Use this template to request specific answers from group members. Create a Survey Action with pre-filled questions. You can send this action via the app at regular intervals.

    c. Feedback - Use this template to collect any type of feedback from a group.

    d. Announcement - Use this template to collect any type of feedback from a group.

  3. Fill out the information on the page and click or tap Next.

Menu What it's for
Action name Pick a name of the survey or poll that people see in Kaizala.
Brief description Show a description in the Discover tab of the Kaizala app.
Customize icon Choose the icon for your Kaizala Action.
  1. After you select a template, enter the relevant details described in the next section.

Survey & Form Actions

  1. Enter a card title. People will see this on the card-view of the action after its been posted.

  2. Enter the question details and choose your answer types. You can add questions on a new page.

  3. After you have entered the question, click or tap Next.

  4. On the next page, tap the boxes to select if you would want the users to find:

    a. Action introduction page (where people can find details about the Action).

    b. Summary page (where people can review their submissions before submitting their responses).

    c. Request for user's location as part of the response.

Feedback & Announcement Actions

Do relevant customizations on Response View, Immersive View and Chat view.

  1. After you are done, click Submit. People can now see the detail page of the new action, however, it’s still a draft.

  2. To make the action live, you need to publish it. Read more here for more about publishing.

Add Kaizala Action to a group

You can publish a Kaizala Action to one or more groups. When you do so, all the group members will see it in the Discover tab of the phone app. The action only appears to members of the group you selected.

Actions will be visible directly in the Action Palette, if the group has one.

To add a Kaizala Action to a group:

  1. Select a group from the Groups page.

  2. Go to the Action tab. Click or tap Add Action.

  3. Select the action that you want to publish. Choose the user roles for which you would like the action to be published.

  4. Click or tap Publish.

To remove a Kaizala Action from a group:

  1. Go to the Groups page and select the relevant group.

  2. Go to the Action tab. Find the Action that you want to remove.

  3. Click or tap More Screenshot of More icon, and then click or tap Remove.

Activate or deactivate a Kaizala Action

If you deactivate a Kaizala Action, you can’t publish it to any new groups. The action will continue to work for existing groups. An action can be removed from a group without being reactivated. However, once you remove it, you can't re-publish it to the same group unless you reactivate it first.

Remove Kaizala Action

To remove a Kaizala Action, go to the action list and select Remove. This will unpublish it from every group that originally received it.

Want to learn more? For more information on how to customize actions for your organization's specific needs, contact kaizalafeedback@microsoft.com.