Bring everyone together with Kaizala

Microsoft Kaizala brings together employees, partners, and customers into your organization's directory with phone numbers and key attributes. Kaizala empowers each employee to search and connect with anyone within the organization.

Create the company phone directory

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With Kaizala you can easily create, manage, and organize your company’s entire phone directory in a single place. You can add phone numbers and other key attributes such as name, email ID, company name, and designation for your employees, partners, and customers.

  • Step 1: Export contacts from your existing systems
  • Step 2: Import contacts to Kaizala to prepare the phone directory

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Invite people to install Kaizala

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Now that the company phone directory book has been formed in Kaizala, it’s time to invite everyone to install Kaizala. There are multiple ways to invite people in your organization to install Kaizala.

  • Step 1: Send SMS invitations to install Kaizala
  • Step 2: Communicate through existing digital channels
  • Step 3: Create buzz through on-the-ground activities

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