Kaizala public groups

Kaizala public groups allow enterprises to expose a single channel on Kaizala, where they can connect privately with a large set of Kaizala subscribers. These channels can be used to share and receive information and/or provide updates.

Create a public group

  • On the Kaizala management portal, from the left navigation pane, choose Public Groups. Then select Create new and enter group picture and info. Finally click or tap Create.

    create a public group page

After a public group has been created, you can add more admins and members to it.

Add subscribers

After you create a public group, you can add subscribers to it. Once they have been added, the public group will be made visible to them.

  • To add subscribers, select a public group, and then click Add Subscribers. You can only add subscribers using a CSV file. This makes it easy for you to add them in bulk.

  • On the Add Subscribers page, download the CSV template and follow the format to add your subscribers. Save your file when you're done. Add several users at the same time to Office 365 - Admin Help.

  • Click Select File to choose the file you just saved and then click Add.

invite a subscriber in Kaizala public group

Invite subscribers

You can also invite subscribers by sending them a link that you can generate. Users can then click on the link to join the public group as subscribers.

  • To invite subscribers, select a public group, and click Generate invite link.

  • Copy the link and send it to the people you want. Once they click the link, they get subscribed to the public group.

invite a Kaizala subscriber to a public group

Public groups are managed through the Kaizala Management Portal by public group admins. Organization group admins can manage all public groups in their organization.