Use the Kaizala web app

The Kaizala web app (preview) will allow you to access Kaizala from a browser on your computer or mobile device. Before you can use the Kaizala web app you need to log in to the Kaizala app on your mobile device. All the messages and actions you send from the Kaizala web app will go through the mobile app to your groups and contacts. The preview web app is only available on Android devices.


You're part of this preview if you can see Kaizala Web tab under the Me section of the app. The preview app is only available via invitation. We're working to expand the preview. If you want to join the preview, consult your Microsoft partner or check out the Kaizala beta channel for an invite.

For more info about Kaizala, check out, Microsoft Kaizala.

Use the Kaizala Web app

  1. Make sure you're added to the Kaizala Web preview list through your Microsoft partner or through the Kaizala beta channel. If you see Kaizala Web tab under the Me section in Kaizala app, then you have access to the preview.

  2. Download the latest Android App from the Google Play Store.

  3. Go to on a web browser.

  4. Enter your Kaizala phone number and select Generate Code.

Sign in to Kaizala with your phone and select Generate code.

  1. From the Kaizala app on your mobile phone, go to Me > Kaizala Web > Get your OTP

  2. From the Verify Code page on your browser, enter the code. Then select Verify & Sign in.

Verify code to sign in to Kaizala

You can now use the Kaizala web app on your browser and the mobile app.

What's available in the Kaizala web app preview?

  • Chat list and the chat canvas.

  • Send, receive, and view messages.

  • Send, receive, and view attachments (including audio, video, document files). You can't use your computer's camera and microphone for creating new attachments.

  • View and respond to some out-of-the-box and custom actions: Let's meet, jobs, polls, surveys, and announcements.

  • Have your phone on charge while using the Web app for an extended period (to avoid app going into sleep mode).

  • Connect to WiFi to avoid phone network data usage.

  • Disable battery optimizations on Kaizala. To do this, go to Kaizala settings and optimize your notifications.

  • Do not hard close the Kaizala app.

What's not available in the web app preview?

  • You can't create groups via the Web app currently.

  • Intune support: We can't open Intune protected groups on web app for data protection purposes.

  • You can't forward, share, or see group information. You also can't use "Reply to" functionality.

  • iOS support.

Report an issue or send feedback

  • To report an issue or send us feedback, from the web app, select Report an issue on the Me tab.