Analyze case data with Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery


Advanced eDiscovery requires an Office 365 E3 with the Advanced Compliance add-on or an E5 subscription for your organization. If you don't have that plan and want to try Advanced eDiscovery, you can sign up for a trial of Office 365 Enterprise E5.

The Prepare > Analyze process in Advanced eDiscovery applies the following functionality to the included files:

  • Identifies and organizes the loaded files into groups of unique files, duplicates, and near-duplicates.

  • Identifies and organizes emails into hierarchically structured groups of email threads, based on the progressive inclusiveness of the emails.

  • Enables the use of Themes in Advanced eDiscovery processing and file batching.

Analyze allows you to set parameters, run options, and view the results, as follows:

  • Analyze setup: Allows settings to be specified before running Analyze on the files.

  • Analyze results: Displays metrics of the analysis.

Before running Analyze, define the criteria for selecting and processing files, including which loaded files will be analyzed and the type of analysis to which each type of file will be submitted.

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