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The Cloud Discovery dashboard works with your organization's web traffic logs to provide detailed information about cloud app usage. If you're a global administrator, security administrator, or security reader, and your organization has created app discovery reports in Office 365 Cloud App Security, you can use the Cloud Discovery dashboard to gain insight into how people in your organization are using Office 365 and other cloud apps. (The Cloud Discovery dashboard is also known as Productivity App Discovery.)

As of March 2018, the Cloud Discovery dashboard has new features that make it easier to view detailed information about how people in your organization are using Office 365 and other apps.

The Cloud Discovery dashboard has been updated

Go to the Cloud Discovery dashboard

  1. Go to and sign in using your work or school account for Office 365. (This takes you to the Security & Compliance Center.)

  2. In the Security & Compliance Center, choose Alerts > Manage advanced alerts.
    (If Office 365 Cloud App Security is not yet enabled, and you are a global administrator, turn on Office 365 Cloud App Security.)

  3. Choose Go to Office 365 Cloud App Security.

  4. Go to Discover > Cloud Discovery dashboard.

See your top users, IP addresses, apps, and risk levels

The Cloud Discovery dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview of apps that are used with Office 365 in your organization, any open alerts, top users, and risk levels.

Cloud Discovery dashboaard

  1. On the Dashboard tab, look at the overall cloud app use in your organization in the overview section across the top of the screen.

  2. See the Office 365 categories for apps that are used in your organization.

  3. Look at the Discovered apps widget to see usage of Office 365 and other apps in this view.

  4. Look at the Top users and Top IP addresses widget to identify those who use Office 365 and cloud apps the most in your organization.

  5. See where the apps people are using are by geographical location by using the Apps headquarters location map.

  6. Above the maps area, take a look at the risk score of the discovered apps in the Risk levels overview. You can look at risks by the same groups and categories that you used in the Discovered apps area. For example, you can see how much traffic in each grouping is from high, medium, or low risk apps.

Dive deeper into the information

You can use Cloud Discovery to take a deeper look at apps, subdomains, IP addresses, and users.

  1. In the Cloud Discovery dashboard, choose the Discovered apps tab.

  2. Use the filters section to view apps by name, category, usage level, or last seen date.

  3. In the list of results, hover by an app name to reveal the View sub-domains link.
    Hover next to an app to reveal a link to view subdomain details
    Detailed information about the selected app will appear.

  4. To view details about IP addresses, choose the IP addresses tab.
    Cloud Discovery shows detailed information about IP addresses
    In the list of results, select an individual IP address to view more detailed information.

  5. To view details about Office 365 users within your organization, choose the Users tab.
    Cloud Discovery - users info

Exclude entities

You can exclude certain system users or IP addresses in order to focus on more specific information.

  1. Choose Settings > Cloud Discovery settings.

  2. Choose Exclude entities.

  3. Choose either Excluded users or Excluded IP addresses.

  4. Specify the users or IP addresses, and in the Comments box, type information about why you are excluding those users or IP addresses.

  5. Choose Add.

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