Search all mailboxes and sites using the eDiscovery Center

In the eDiscovery Center in Office 365, you can search all Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, and OneDrive for Business sites in a single eDiscovery search. To search all content sources in the organization, an eDiscovery manager must be assigned the appropriate eDiscovery permissions for each content source.

Before you begin

Search all locations

  1. In the eDiscovery Center, open the eDiscovery case that you want to run the search query for.

  2. Under Search and Export, click an existing query or click New item to create a new search query.

  3. On the search query page, in the Sources section, click Modify Query Scope.

  4. On the Modify Query Scope page, click Search everything, and select the content locations to search.

  • Select Exchange to search all mailboxes.

  • Select SharePoint to search all SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business sites.

  • Select both Exchange and SharePoint to search all content locations in your organization.

Search all mailboxes and sites

  1. Click OK to save the changes.

  2. Complete or revise other information on the search query page, such as the keyword query, the date range, or narrowing the specific types of content to search for. When you're ready to run the query, click Search.

More information

  • The top 500 mailboxes and the top 500 sites with the most results are listed under Sources on the Query page.

  • The total number of items found in all content sources and their combined total size are displayed under Sources on the Query page.

  • You can preview the 200 most recent search results located in Exchange mailboxes or SharePoint sites on the Query page.

    The following screenshot shows an example of the search results displayed on the Query page when you search all mailboxes and sites.

    Screenshot of results when searching all locations