Briefing email service description

The Briefing email helps users stay in control of their calendar and be intentional about their day. Within the first two hours of their workday (as set up in Outlook), they’ll get an email about any relevant items to help better prepare for the day ahead, including:

  • Tasks and documents related to today’s meetings
  • Outstanding commitments and requests to and from other collaborators in email that might have fallen through the cracks
  • Emails they might need to follow up on
  • Suggested focus time they can schedule to help get independent work done

For more details, see The Briefing email overview.

Data privacy

When data is processed for Briefing emails, it protects employee privacy and fully complies with local regulations.

  • Personal and private - An employee's Briefing email is only available to that employee.
  • Everyone's data is kept private - Briefing emails do not include any personally identifiable information about anybody else in the organization.
  • Mailbox security - Briefing emails are processed and stored in the employee’s Exchange Online mailbox. It does not use the standard mail delivery system.
  • GDPR compliant - Microsoft designed the Briefing email to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe at any time - Employees can unsubscribe and subscribe to the Briefing email at any time. The admin can configure the Briefing email so that individuals must purposefully subscribe to receive it.

For more details about privacy, see Privacy guide for Briefing emails.


The Briefing email is provided automatically to all users of Exchange Online.