Client features in Exchange Online Archiving

Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving lets users connect to their archive mailboxes from a variety of devices and platforms. All network connectivity to the user's archive occurs over the internet, and virtual private network (VPN) connections are not required. Organizations can publish an on-premises Client Access server to allow users to access their primary mailbox using Outlook Anywhere, without requiring a VPN connection. If VPN access is required to access the user's primary mailbox located on an on-premises server, this requirement does not change.


Microsoft reserves the right to block or throttle connections from any client software that negatively impacts the health of the Exchange Online Archiving service.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a rich email program that includes support for calendaring, contacts, and tasks. Exchange Online Archiving supports Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2007. Key features include:

  • Outlook Anywhere - Outlook Anywhere lets Outlook users connect to Exchange Server and Exchange Online Archiving over the internet with no need for a VPN connection. Communication between Outlook and Exchange Online Archiving occurs via an SSL-secured tunnel, using the RPC-over-HTTP Windows networking component.
  • Autodiscover - The Exchange Autodiscover service automatically configures Outlook to work with Exchange Online Archiving. Autodiscover lets Outlook users receive their required profile settings directly from Exchange the first time (and at fixed intervals thereafter) that they sign in with their email address and password.

Outlook 2010 and later and Outlook on the web provide users with the full features of the archive, as well as related features like retention and archive policies.

Outlook 2007 provides basic support for the archive, but not all archiving and compliance features are available in Outlook 2007. For example, with Outlook 2007, users cannot apply retention or archive policies to items in their mailboxes. They must rely on administrator-provisioned policies instead. Outlook 2007 users require the Office 2007 Cumulative Update for February 2011 to access the archive.


Outlook is not provided with Exchange Online Archiving. Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (which includes Microsoft Outlook) is included in some plans and can be purchased as a separate subscription. For more information, see Microsoft 365 plan options. For more information about Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, see the Office applications service description.

Clients supported by Exchange Online Archiving

The table below lists the clients supported by Exchange Online Archiving:

Client EOA support
Outlook 2013 and later
Supports the latest features in Exchange Online Archiving.1
Outlook 2010
Supports the latest features in Exchange Online Archiving only until Oct. 13, 2020
Outlook 2007
Not supported
Outlook 2003
Not supported
Outlook for Mac 2011
Not supported
Outlook for Mac
Supported for use with Exchange Online Archiving.3
Microsoft Office Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition
Not supported
Not supported
Exchange ActiveSync (mobile devices)
Not supported


1 Outlook included with Microsoft Office Standard is not supported. To learn more, see License requirements for Personal Archive and retention policies.
2 Requires update to enable archiving support. Outlook 2007 users cannot view or apply retention or archive policies to items in their archive mailboxes; they must rely on administrator-provisioned policies. Additionally, Outlook 2007 users cannot search the on-premises mailbox and the archive at the same time.
3 You can't use Outlook 2016 for Mac or Outlook for Mac to move or copy folders, calendar items, contacts, tasks, or notes to your archive, or view them in the archive mailbox, if the items were previously moved there by using any other version of Outlook (such as Outlook 2016 for Windows). For more information, see Use your online archive with Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Outlook on the web

Outlook on the web is a web-based version of the Outlook email program that is used with Exchange Online. Wherever users are connected to the internet—at home, at the office, or on the road—they can access their email through Outlook on the web.

Users can access their archive by signing in to Outlook on the web on-premises (using the same URL). The archive appears alongside their primary mailbox in Outlook on the web. There is no explicit way to access the archive directly from Outlook on the web.

Feature availability

To view feature availability across plans, standalone options, and on-premises solutions, see Exchange Online Archiving service description.