Project resource management

The following resource management features are available in Project Online.

Looking for information about all Project Online features? See the Project Online Service Description.

Cost resources

Manage the costs on your project.

Manage nonworking time

Add vacation, holidays, medical leave, and other nonworking time into your project schedule. Learn more about adding holidays and vacation days to your project.

Resource leveling

When people in your project are working on too many assignments at the same time, you can adjust their assignments automatically. This is known as resource leveling. See Level resource assignments.

Resource sheet and usage views

Present resource information graphically using resource usage, sheet, graph, and form views. See Pick the right report.

Resource substitution

Replace generic resources like carpenters with real people. See Create and share a resource pool.

Team resources

Add resources to a team's project, such as material resources like computers and cement. Learn more about adding people to your project.

Work, generic, and material resources

Add resources to your project, such as work resources like people, generic resources like carpenters, and materials resources like computers and cement. See Enter equipment costs and other cost resources.

Feature Availability

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, standalone options, and on-premise solutions, see Project for Office 365 Service Description.