Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of web-based tools and technologies that help your organization store, share, and manage digital information. Built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, this hosted service is ideal for working on projects, storing data and documents in a central location, and sharing information with others. Office 365 customers can also purchase additional add-ons associated to SharePoint Online.

Additional storage

Should you require more storage, it is available at a cost per gigabyte (GB) per month.

Azure provisioned apps: Access Services

Access Services allows business users to quickly create apps that run in Office 365 and store their data in Azure SQL databases. Learn how to build and publish an Access database to SharePoint.

Azure provisioned apps: Custom code in Azure Lightweight Web Role (LWR)

Provider-hosted apps for SharePoint include components that are deployed and hosted outside the SharePoint farm, usually by a developer, but in some scenarios by the customer. The provider-hosted app for SharePoint interacts with a SharePoint site but also uses resources and services that reside on the remote site. Learn more about hosting options for apps for SharePoint.

Feature availability

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, standalone options, and on-premises solutions, see SharePoint Online Service Description.