Windows 365 service description

Windows 365 is the world’s first Cloud PC. Windows 365 securely streams your personalized Windows desktop, apps, settings, and content from the cloud to any device. A Cloud PC provides customers a virtualized computing experience where you can stream your Windows experience from the Microsoft cloud to any device. With a Cloud PC, Windows evolves from a device-based operating system (OS) to hybrid personalized computing1.

Windows 365 is for organizations of all sizes that need secure and agile hybrid work solutions for elastic workforces, distributed employees, or specialized workloads with versatile computing and storage capabilities, accessible on any device.

Windows 365 Enterprise is a cloud-based service that automatically creates a new type of Windows virtual machine (Cloud PCs) for your end users. It provides the productivity, security, and collaboration benefits of Microsoft 365.

Windows 365 Business is a version of Windows 365 that is made specifically for use in smaller companies (up to 300 seats). It gives organizations an easy, streamlined way of providing Cloud PCs to their users. With Windows 365 Cloud PCs, you can stream your apps, data, content, settings, and storage from the Microsoft cloud.

Available plans

For detailed plan information on subscriptions that enable users for Windows 365, go to Windows 365 enterprise plans and pricing | Microsoft.

Feature availability

The following table lists the major Windows 365 features available across plans. This table may change without notice (certain caveats apply). For the most up-to-date list of Windows 365 features across plans, go to Welcome to Windows 365.

Feature Business Plan Enterprise Plan
Click-to-provision directly from product page Yes No
Setup without domain Yes No
Self-serve troubleshooting – reset Yes No
Self-serve upgrades No Yes
Universal Print (UP) Integration Yes1 Yes2
Partner/programmatic enablement (Graph APIs, MSP tooling) No Yes
Custom images No Yes
Image Management [store, replicate, deploy] No Yes
Microsoft Endpoint Manager policy-driven provisioning, management and guided scenarios No Yes
Endpoint Analytics (EA) based reporting, monitoring No Yes
Service health, operational health alerts No Yes
Connection to on-premises [networks, apps, resources] + diagnostics No Yes
Advanced Microsoft Endpoint Manager based troubleshooting and device management No Yes

1 Universal Print is part of M365 Business Premium.
2 Universal Print is part of Enterprise / M365 E3/A3, E5/A5 and F3.


To stay informed of upcoming changes, including new and changed features, planned maintenance, or other important announcements, visit the Message center.

Licensing terms

For licensing terms and conditions for products and services purchased through Microsoft Commercial Volume Licensing Programs, see the Product Terms site.


Microsoft remains committed to the security of your data and the accessibility of our services. For more information, see the Microsoft Trust Center and the Office Accessibility Center.

Learn more

For more information about Windows 365, check out the following resources:

1 Hybrid in the context of the Cloud PC refers to the Windows client OS.