Administration and security features in Yammer

The following administration and security features are available in Yammer.

For detailed explanations and procedures, see Yammer admin help.

Admin private content mode

A verified admin of a Yammer network can view private messages and groups throughout the network.  Verified admins can see private content only when temporarily granting themselves access to private content to investigate issues.  For more information, see Monitor private content in Yammer (verified admins).


Gain insights from network analytics to find out how employees are using Yammer. From usage metrics to member statistics, identify ways to drive growth and increase the value of your network.

Custom network branding

Bring the look and feel of your organization to your Yammer network. Network admins can upload an organization's logo and image to create a custom masthead design.

Data export

Easily manage and export network data according to your organization's policies. You can also schedule daily or weekly data exports to meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Directory synchronization

Standardize user profile data across multiple systems. User additions, deletions, and profile information can be automatically synced from an existing organization directory.

Keyword monitoring

Monitor keywords to track sensitive content. When a user posts a message that includes a monitored keyword or phrase, all verified admins are notified.

Logical firewall

Restrict your Yammer network to a specific IP range so that Yammer is only accessible at designated physical locations.

Network migration

Consolidate multiple Yammer networks into one. For more information, see Network migration: Consolidate multiple Yammer networks.


Migrating Yammer networks across plans is not supported.

Organization resources

Add important files and links to give employees quick access to organization resources like HR policies, benefits information, or holiday calendars.

Password policies

Set requirements for how long and complex employee passwords must be and how frequently they should be changed.

Session management

See the devices users are logged into and log them out if needed.

Single identity

When you choose Yammer as the default social experience for your organization, employees are mapped to their existing Yammer accounts. This means they won't need to sign in again when navigating to Yammer in Office 365. When employees access Yammer—whether from Office 365, through a Yammer mobile app, or by browsing to—they're automatically logged in based on existing organization credentials.

Usage policy

Set a custom usage policy for your organization's network and require users to accept it.

User management

Easily manage access to your organization's network. Yammer lets you sync with directories you already use, add or remove users - individually or in bulk, invite guests to your network, and appoint other admins.

Feature availability

To view feature availability across plans, standalone options, and on-premises solutions, see Yammer service description.