Discovery Features in Yammer

The following discovery features are available in Yammer.


Stay on top of relevant conversations, files and projects happening across the company. Feeds let you quickly engage in conversations, @mention coworkers to loop them into a discussion and preview documents.


Discover what your coworkers are working on as it happens. Ticker shows you activity stories happening in real time, including page edits, file uploads and updates made in other business applications.


Tag content with topics to help others quickly find related messages, files, Notes and more by adding a hashtag (#) before the word or by searching for existing topics.

Full-text search lets you quickly find files, Notes, conversations, people and data across your Yammer network and integrated business apps.

Instant Type-Ahead

Suggested search results appear as you type to help you find what you need faster. Results are categorized by people, groups, files, Notes, topics and applications.

Feature Availability

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, standalone options, and on-premise solutions, see Yammer Service Description.