Profile features in Yammer

The following profile features are available in Yammer.


Reach across the organization to find the experts you need. Because expertise is instantly searchable, useful information can be found on demand.


Identify influential coworkers in your network. Leaderboards display people with the most messages, replied-to messages, and liked messages.

Member directory

Browse the member directory to find people on your team and coworkers from across the organization.

Org chart

Add managers and reports to create a org chart together with your coworkers. Org chart information automatically appears in profiles.


Give and receive recognition for a job well done. Accomplishments and badges appear on profiles in the Praise tab.

User profiles

Upload a picture, fill in contact details, and list your expertise. Profiles aggregate all your information, including conversations and files.

Feature availability

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, standalone options, and on-premises solutions, see Yammer service description.