Yammer Platform Features

The following Yammer platform features are available in Yammer.

Yammer Connect Login

Add the Login Button to your business applications so users can easily register and log in with their Yammer accounts.

Embeddable Feeds

A simple code snippet lets you easily embed any Yammer feed into your business application.

Like and Follow Buttons

Add Like and Follow buttons to your business applications so employees can engage with objects outside of Yammer.

Activity Stream API

Integrate existing enterprise business applications by adding data to the social graph. Drive discovery of activities taking place across all your existing business applications.

Browser Extension

Adds a Yammer tab to your browser menu, and lets you quickly share any web page you're viewing - by clicking on the Yammer icon, choosing which Group you'd like to post your message into, and sharing your own comments with a link to the page. The extension also notifies you if there's an existing Yammer conversation about the page.

Feature Availability

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, standalone options, and on-premise solutions, see Yammer Service Description.