Update history for Office LTSC 2021 and Office 2021

Microsoft releases security and quality updates for Office LTSC 2021 (volume licensed) and Office 2021 (retail). The update histories for both the volume licensed and retail versions are below.

If you'd like to verify that you're up to date, check your Office version number and manually update Office if necessary. To check your version of Office, do the following:

  1. Open any Office application, such as Word or Excel.
  2. Choose File > Account.
  3. Under Product Information, note the version number under the About section.

If the version number matches the most current version, you're up to date. If not, you can manually update to get the latest version of Office. To update Office, follow these steps.

The following tables provide the update history for the volume licensed and retail versions, with the most recent release date listed first.

New versions contain all the updates contained in previous versions.


For the details on the security updates that have been released, see the security update page.

Volume licensed versions of Office LTSC 2021

The following information applies to volume licensed versions of Office LTSC, such as Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021, purchased through a volume licensing agreement.

Release date Version number
November 9, 2021 Version 2108 (Build 14332.20176)
October 12, 2021 Version 2108 (Build 14332.20145)

Retail versions of Office 2021

The following information applies to retail versions of Office 2021, such as Office Home & Business 2021 or Office Professional 2021.

Release date Version number
November 30, 2021 Version 2110 (Build 14527.20312)
November 9, 2021 Version 2110 (Build 14527.20276)
October 28, 2021 Version 2110 (Build 14527.20234)
October 25, 2021 Version 2110 (Build 14527.20226)
October 14, 2021 Version 2109 (Build 14430.20306)
October 12, 2021 Version 2109 (Build 14430.20298)
October 6, 2021 Version 2109 (Build 14430.20270)