Shared controls for OneDrive integration

While programming with REST APIs is a common practice, we make available client libraries to streamline development and allow you to focus on writing the code that matters, and not a bunch of framework code.

File picker

The file picker SDKs enable your application to use native OneDrive file browser experiences from your application to quickly open and save files to OneDrive personal and OneDrive for Business. For Android, iOS, and UWP, this pattern depends on the OneDrive application being installed and available on the device.

Platform Documentation
Web / JavaScript JavaScript File picker SDK
File Browser SDK
Android Android file picker SDK
iOS Use UIDocumentPicker
Universal Windows Platform Use FileOpenPicker, or FileSavePicker

Microsoft Graph SDKs and sample code

Microsoft Graph makes a wide variety of SDKs and sample code available for a number of developer platforms that enable you to quickly start writing code to leverage the Microsoft Graph and have access to files in OneDrive and SharePoint.