Sync Command Request

A client uses the Sync command request ([MS-ASCMD] section to synchronize its Contact class items for a specified user with the contacts currently stored by the server.

Any of the elements that belong to the Contact class, as specified in section 2.2.2, can be included in a Sync command request as child elements of the airsync:ApplicationData element ([MS-ASCMD] section within either an airsync:Add element ([MS-ASCMD] section or an airsync:Change element ([MS-ASCMD] section

Contact class elements can be transmitted as child elements of the Supported element ([MS-ASCMD] section in order to support ghosted elements.<1>

The Sync command is specified in [MS-ASCMD] section

The client can request that the server truncate the contact notes field in a Sync command request. For more information, see section