RopFastTransferSourceCopyFolder ROP

The RopFastTransferSourceCopyFolder ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section initializes a FastTransfer operation to download properties and descendant subobjects for a specified folder.

This ROP is very similar to RopFastTransferSourceCopyTo, with the following exceptions:

  • The value of the InputServerObject field is limited to a Folder object.

  • The FastTransfer stream produced by an operation configured with this ROP wraps folder properties and subobjects with the topFolder element (as specified in section

  • All properties and contained messages are copied.

  • The CopySubfolders flag of the CopyFlag field indicates whether subfolders are to be copied.

  • Best body logic, as indicated by the BestBody flag of the CopyFlag field specified in section, SHOULD NOT be used when copying messages.

The complete syntax of the ROP request and response buffers for this ROP are specified in [MS-OXCROPS]. This section specifies the syntax and semantics of various fields that are not fully specified in [MS-OXCROPS].

For details about client behaviors related to this ROP, see sections and section For details about server behaviors related to this ROP, see sections and