RopFastTransferDestinationPutBuffer ROP Request Buffer

The following descriptions define valid fields for the request buffer of the RopFastTransferDestinationPutBuffer ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section

InputServerObject: The value of this field MUST be the FastTransfer upload context.

TransferDataSize (2 bytes): An unsigned 16-bit integer. This value specifies the size of the TransferData field. The value MUST NOT be set to 0x0000. The maximum data size is limited to the available space allowed by the underlying transport used by the EcDoRpcExt2 method ([MS-OXCRPC] section or by the Execute request type<10> ([MS-OXCMAPIHTTP] section

TransferData (variable): An array of bytes. This array contains the data to be uploaded to the destination FastTransfer object and contains the next portion of a FastTransfer stream. The syntax of the FastTransfer stream is specified in section 2.2.4.