Range Command (0x52)

The Range command, as specified in section, generates a GLOBCNT structure range, as specified in section The GLOBCNT structure range MUST be added to the GLOBSET structure.

For details about the format of the Range command and its fields, see section

The Range command contains two byte array fields, the LowValue and HighValue as specified in section Each of these fields MUST be combined with any high-order bytes in the common byte stack to produce a 6-byte GLOBCNT structure. The two GLOBCNT structures are the low and high value of the GLOBCNT range.

The server SHOULD send the client an RpcFormat error (0x000004B6), and MAY send the client a FormatError error (0x000004ED)<30>, as specified in [MS-OXCDATA] section 2.4.1, if the high value of the range is larger than the low value of the range.