Property: PRODID

RFC Reference: [RFC2445] section 4.7.3

Number of Instances Allowed: 1

Format: Text ([RFC2445] section 4.3.11)

Brief Description: Identifies the application that generated the iCalendar file.

Importing to Calendar objects

When parsing an iCalendar file, if the value of the PRODID property begins with the substring '-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook<SP>' and ends with the substring '<SP>MIMEDIR//EN', where 'MIMEDIR' represents the Mimedir.dll file. '<SP>' represents the space character (Unicode character U+0020), the portion of the string between the two substrings SHOULD be evaluated to determine if it matches the following ABNF rule:

 version_number = 1*2DIGIT '.' *DIGIT

The DIGIT elements to the left of the period ('.') are evaluated as an integer. If the integer is between 1 and 11 (inclusive), then some behavior changes SHOULD be made as described in section

Exporting from Calendar objects

The value assigned to PRODID MUST be unique for different implementations or different versions of an iCalendar converter.