Property: SUMMARY

RFC Reference: [RFC2445] section

Number of Instances Allowed: 0, 1

Format: Text ([RFC2445] section 4.3.11)

Brief Description: Specifies the subject of an appointment.

Importing to Calendar objects

This property SHOULD<193> be stripped of all carriage returns (Unicode character U+000D) and line feeds (Unicode character U+000A), and SHOULD<194> be truncated to a length of 255 WCHARs if its length exceeds 255 WCHARs. The truncation SHOULD NOT<195> split surrogate pairs. This property MUST be stored in PidTagSubject. If this property could not be imported, PidTagSubject SHOULD<196> be set to the zero-length string.

Exporting from Calendar objects

PidTagSubject MUST be exported as a SUMMARY property. If PidTagSubject is not set, then the zero-length string SHOULD<197> be exported as a SUMMARY property.