Sending a RopSetProperties ROP Request

Depending on the type of Attachment object being created by sending the RopSetProperties ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section, the client sets the appropriate value for the PidTagAttachMethod property, as specified in section

The client sends a RopSaveChangesAttachment ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section to commit the change to the Attachment object and a RopSaveChangesMessage ROP request to commit the Attachment object change to the Message object.

To set the PidTagMessageStatus property (section, the client does not include it in a RopSetProperties ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section, as specified in [MS-OXCPRPT] section 2.2.5. Instead, the client calls the RopSetMessageStatus ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section, as specified in section