2.2.1 Recipient Object Storage

The Recipient object storage contains streams and substorages that store properties pertaining to one Recipient object.

The following MUST be true for Recipient object storages:

  • The Recipient object storage representing the first Recipient object is named "__recip_version1.0_#00000000". The storage representing the second is named "__recip_version1.0_#00000001" and so on. The digit suffix is in hexadecimal. For example, the storage name for the eleventh Recipient object is "__recip_version1.0_#0000000A".

  • A .msg file can have a maximum of 2048 Recipient object storages.

  • There is exactly one property stream, and it contains entries for all properties of the Recipient object.

  • There is exactly one stream for each variable length property of the Recipient object, as specified in section 2.1.3.