1.4 Relationship to Protocols and Other Structures

This specification assumes the reader has familiarity with the address book concepts and requirements of the Address Book Object Protocol, as described in [MS-OXOABK]. Those concepts and requirements are not repeated in this specification.

Servers can distribute OABs to clients by using either public folders or a Web-based distribution method, as described in [MS-OXPFOAB] and [MS-OXWOAB] respectively.

In order to minimize communication costs, the server compresses the data in the OAB, as described in [MS-PATCH] and [MS-MCI].

The method of naming properties in the OAB is based on the property tag naming convention, as described in [MS-OXPROPS] section 1.3.3.

For conceptual background information and overviews of the relationships and interactions between this and other protocols, see [MS-OXPROTO].