Shortcuts have the following properties:

  • PidTagWlinkSaveStamp (section

  • PidTagWlinkType (section

  • PidTagWlinkFlags (section

  • PidTagWlinkOrdinal (section

  • PidTagWlinkEntryId (section

  • PidTagWlinkRecordKey (section

  • PidTagWlinkStoreEntryId (section

  • PidTagWlinkFolderType (section

  • PidTagWlinkGroupClsid (section

  • PidTagWlinkGroupName (section

  • PidTagWlinkSection (section

Shortcuts with the value of the PidTagWlinkSection property set to wbsidCalendar SHOULD<37> have the following properties set:

  • PidTagWlinkCalendarColor (section

  • PidTagWlinkAddressBookEID (section

  • PidTagWlinkAddressBookStoreEID (section

  • PidTagWlinkROGroupType (section

Shortcuts have the following property available to limit the visibility of a shortcut to a single machine:

  • PidTagWlinkClientID (section