Updating a FAX Number

The electronic fax properties MUST be modified at the same time to preserve their relationship. When one of the fax number properties (PidTagPrimaryFaxNumber, PidTagBusinessFaxNumber, or PidTagHomeFaxNumber, specified in (section is defined, the following properties MUST be set, as specified in section 2.2.1 and the following table.

The fax properties SHOULD be updated only when the corresponding fax number is updated.

Fax number

Properties that SHOULD be updated or defined


PidLidFax1AddressType (section, PidLidFax1EmailAddress (section, PidLidFax1OriginalDisplayName (section, PidLidFax1OriginalEntryId (section


PidLidFax2AddressType (section, PidLidFax2EmailAddress (section, PidLidFax2OriginalDisplayName (section, PidLidFax2OriginalEntryId (section


PidLidFax3AddressType (section, PidLidFax3EmailAddress (section, PidLidFax3OriginalDisplayName (section, PidLidFax3OriginalEntryId (section