PidLidToDoOrdinalDate Property

Type: PtypTime ([MS-OXCDATA] section 2.11.1)

The PidLidToDoOrdinalDate property ([MS-OXPROPS] section 2.344) specifies the time that an object is flagged. When an object is flagged, this property SHOULD<9> be set to the current time in UTC.

This property SHOULD be used to determine the order of objects in a consolidated to-do list. If the client allows a user to reorder tasks within the consolidated to-do list via dragging or other mechanisms, the client can use any suitable algorithm to determine the new value of this property such that the task appears in the correct place when this property is used as a sorting field. When this property is used to sort objects and two or more of the objects have the same value for this property, the objects with the matching values will tie for placement in the list. In this case, the PidLidToDoSubOrdinal property (section is used to break the tie.