VoteOption Structure

The verb stream contains two parallel arrays of VoteOption and VoteOptionExtra structures. Each element in these two arrays, when combined, describes a single voting option that can be taken by the user in response to the message. The format of the VoteOption structure is shown in the following diagram.

VoteOption bit table 

VerbType (DWORD): The verb used by this structure. Set to 4 (0x00000004).

DisplayNameCount (1 byte): The count of characters in the DisplayName field.

DisplayName (variable): The localized display name of the voting option (for example, "Yes") as an ANSI string, without the null terminating character.

MsgClsNameCount (1 byte): The count of characters in the MsgClsName field. Set to 8 (0x08).

MsgClsName (variable): Set to "IPM.Note", without the null terminating character.

Internal1StringCount (1 byte): The count of characters in the following string. Set to 0x00 for voting options.

Internal1String (variable): MUST NOT be present, as Internal1StringCount is 0x00 for a voting option.

DisplayNameCountRepeat (1 byte): MUST have the same value as the DisplayNameCount field.

DisplayNameRepeat (variable): MUST have the same value as the DisplayName field.

Internal2 (DWORD): Set to 0x00000000.

Internal3 (1 byte): Set to 0x00.

fUseUSHeaders (DWORD): Indicates that a U.S. style reply header is to be used in the response message (as opposed to a localized response header). The value is set to either 0x00000001, using U.S. style reply header, or 0x00000000 otherwise.

Internal4 (DWORD): Set to 0x00000001.

SendBehavior (DWORD): Indicates the behavior on send. When a user chooses a voting option, SendBehavior specifies whether the user is to be prompted to edit the response mail or whether the client automatically sends it on behalf of the user. The value of this field is one of the values defined in the following table.




Automatically send the voting response message.


Prompt the user to specify whether he or she would like to automatically send or edit the voting response first.

Internal5 (DWORD): Set to 0x00000002.

ID (DWORD): Specifies a numeric identifier for this voting option. The client SHOULD specify 1 for the first VoteOption structure and monotonically increase this value for each subsequent VoteOption structure.

Internal6 (DWORD): Set to "-1" (0xFFFFFFFF).

Note that because the DisplayNameCount field (and the DisplayNameCountRepeat field) is 1 byte long and contains the COUNT of characters in the DisplayName field (and the DisplayNameRepeat field), this implies a length limit of 255 characters in the DisplayName field of any voting option.